September 26th:

Just came across this today, have a look.   (Though it’s not something that you can use for Paper 3/4!)

Slavery-entangled philosophy: John Locke took part in administering the slave-owning colonies. Does that make him, and liberalism itself, hypocritical?

August 13th:

Watch a short orientation about what the Magner Career Center center offers students:

August 13th:

We are Brooklyn College’s Speech and Debate team and we are reaching out to see if any of your students would be interested in joining the club. We compete in events such as parliamentary debate, platform speaking and interpretive performance. Students on our team learn skills in argumentation and speech, along with an in-depth knowledge of the current events happening globally, that can benefit them in their future career paths. Students also get to network with others in top universities throughout the country. We are looking for interested students to come join our team. If you could forward this email to all the students in your department/pathway, that would be greatly appreciated. All students that are interested should come to the BC Speech and Debate Table at the Student Involvement Fair on August 28th to sign up. Interested students can also email us at to indicate their interest.

Thank you for you your help!
Lakshay Khosla
Debate Captain, BC Student Forensics Speech and Debate Team